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Personalize It with Our Monogramming Services!

The Silver Link is the online store of choice for monogrammed jewelry and gifts. We offer a wide variety of monogrammable necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants in sterling silver, pewter, copper, shells, wood, acrylic, fashion, and silver plated jewelry. All our items are made to order and unique to you. Custom, personalized jewelry is always in style!

Personalized gifts are always in style and great for a birthday, graduation, wedding, Christmas, anniversary, or "just because". Dads, moms, brothers, sisters, friends, and family all love our monogrammed gifts and our customers rave about the affordable prices and quick customer service. If you can't find the perfect gift for that special someone, personalized gifts are hard to beat.

Plus, we offer free shipping for orders over $100 and a flat shipping rate of $8 for all other orders! Most items ship in 1-2 days and reach anywhere in America in less than 2 weeks. When buying online, always take shipping costs into account!

Monogram Styles & Types Explained

BLOCK MONOGRAM STYLE | We engrave your initials in the exact order that you request them and all letters are the same size and engraved to look as a single unit or "block". So, if your name is Sara Louise Jones then your monogram would be JKH. Please note that this is not only a different look than the interlocking monograms, but a different initial order as well.

INTERLOCKING MONOGRAM STYLE | In this classic monogramming style, the last initial is larger and in the center. For example, if your name is Sara Bethany Lauger then your monogram would be sLb. This is the traditional monogram style and is always an elegant and classy touch to any piece!

COUPLES MONOGRAM STYLE | For couples, the last name initial is typically larger and in the center with the husband's initial on the left and the wife's initial on the right. So for Alex and Karen Phillips the monogram would be aPk. Couples monogram style is available in any of the fonts we offer.

Monogramming FAQ

In what order should I enter my initials?
You should enter your initials from first to last exactly how you want them to appear on your piece from left to right. Please not that with the lone exception of Circle Font, all monogram styles will place the center initial larger than the rest. Typically the center initial is the last name however, it's your monogram and your jewelry so that decision is up to you.

How long does the process take?
We go to work designing and setting up your monogram within 24 hours of receiving your order! Most monograms will be done immediately thereafter meaning your order will probably be shipped as soon as 48 hours after purchase, and never more than 5 days!

What if I have a special request or a question?
For any questions or concerns regarding our monogramming and engraving services, please call (864) 329-0009.